Shashvat Systems is a specialised Treasury, Risk & Algorithmic Trading : Systems, Consulting & Training company. We offer systems for Treasury, Risk Management and Algorithmic Trading.

The solution covers Front Office, Back Office, Valuations, VaR (Market Risk).

The solution comprises of asset classes like Equity, Fixed Income, Corporate Bonds, Currency Derivatives, MF, Derivatives, Re and Cross-Currency Swaps, Forex and Structured Products.

The solution provides Performance Analytics (Return on Investment, NAV, Benchmarking) and Attribution Analysis for identification of transaction-wise Profit/Loss and Returns.

The solution can track multiple portfolios, multiple currencies, multiple dealers and multiple advisors in each portfolio.

The solution can be customised as per client requirements.

Valuation Models and VaR models for all asset classes are available.

For Structured Products & Derivatives, we provide pre-Deal evaluation to understand Profit and Loss profile.

Post-Deal, we provide a Daily MTM for all these products.

We also provide customised Excel Based and/or system Based Algorithmic Trading Solutions for all Exchange Traded Products – Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Commodities as permitted by the relevant Exchanges.

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